The All-Wales Arts and Education Programme provides opportunities for schools to work with artists and cultural organisations. It also creates opportunities to enrich teaching across the curriculum. The programme has three elements.

The first, the Regional Arts and Education Network, provides a way for schools and arts organisations to share best practice and find partnerships. Training is provided through the network in order for artists to shape their work with the needs of schools in mind. To find out more about the network, click here.

The Experiencing the Arts Fund grants accessibility to children and young people to explore a wide range of cultural experiences. Through the Go and See project, learners have a chance to experience high quality arts events in venues across Wales. Schools and arts organisations can also take part in the Creative Collaborations scheme, which supports the delivery of ambitious and innovative arts projects to learners. Click here to find out more.

Finally, our brand new teacher toolkit, Celc is also on offer. Celc demonstrates how the creative arts can provide stimulating and rich opportunities for learners while meeting the requirements of The Literacy and Numeracy Framework. Click here for more information.