The project explored the development of Welsh fluency and also how Welsh speaking can be developed through using contemporary media, audio recording and video. They focussed on science and sport as their subject matter and used various locations on the school grounds to film their experiments and tutorials integrating rap, beatboxing, performance and word play.

Once published on YouTube the fi lms were utilised by other pupils in the school for independent learning. It was noted that the children were making progress much quicker than expected during this period in a variety of subjects, not just Welsh oracy. Confidence increased significantly; a surprising moment occurred when a group of boys who could be difficult to engage and never contribute in class, particularly of their own volition asked if they could perform their work for the class.


Creative Agent: Emrys Williams                                                    
Creative Practitioner: Ed Holden (Mr Phormula)
36 learners from Years 5 and 6