Coronavirus (COVID-19) Go and See Fund

In these difficult and unprecedented times, many of the arts programmes run by the Arts Council of Wales are having to change. This includes our Go and See scheme.

With all schools closing from Friday, we have decided to postpone our Go and See grant scheme until further notice. We will not, therefore, be accepting any new applications to the scheme at the present time. If you have any queries about the Go and See fund, please contact creative.learning@arts.wales

Go and See is a grant that can be used to fund visits to high-quality arts events in galleries, theatres, arts centres and other venues. Events could include visits to performances and exhibitions or visits to experience arts professionals developing and creating their work.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should submit your application a minimum of four working weeks before the planned date of your visit. We endeavour to get back to you within 3 weeks of the date you apply.

No, this fund is valid for covering the cost of tickets and transport, or workshops and materials, for example. We cannot support requests to cover subsistence cost, or any capital expenditure.

No, this fund is to cover the cost of high quality arts experiences that would not be able to take place without the use of this grant. Tickets may be purchased once you have been informed that the grant has been awarded, if your school is able to cover the cost prior to the actual funds entering the school account this is fine. We are unable to support activity that is already planned or already taking place. We cannot retrospectively fund Go and See experiences.

As a rule, this is a no. However under very exceptional circumstances, and if you are able to clearly detail why a specific high quality arts experience would need to happen outside of Wales, the panel may be able to consider this.

A a rule, this is a no. The aim of this fund is for pupils to experience high quality arts, within high quality arts venues outside of the school. However, under exceptional circumstanced, and if you are able to clearly detail why a specific high quality arts experience would need to happen inside school, the panel may be able to consider this.

Match funding is not to be sent directly to us, we expect this 10% match to come through school funds, in-kind costs or fundraising as an example.

This doesn’t stop you from applying, but should your application be approved then as a condition of grant you will be asked to provide an exact date.

Yes, any maintained school may apply for a Go & See grant

If you have previously been awarded a Go & See grant, you will need to have sent us an evaluation report in order to close that grant before applying for a new one.

No, you can apply for multiple grants of up to £1,000 throughout the academic year. But you can only have one grant open at a time. We particularly welcome applications from school who have not engaged with the fund.