As a bilingual organisation that welcomes and encourages the use of Welsh, Arts Council of Wales are proud to support 'Welsh Language Rights’ Day’.  The Council is committed to making sure that the Welsh language is treated no less favourably than the English language.

Everybody who gets in touch with the Arts Council of Wales can use their Welsh on the phone and in conversations by letter or email.  All public documents are published bilingually, and websites and social media messages are also available in Welsh. 

Companies and individuals that receive an annual grant from the Council agree to bilingual marketing.  In the Art Council’s Corporate Plan for 2018-2023, ‘For the Benefit of All...’ there is a firm commitment to nurture creativity and increase the investment for the work of artists who wish to work through the medium of the Welsh language or bilingually. 

Siân Tomos, Director of Enterprise and Regeneration for the Arts Council of Wales said:

“We wish for the Welsh language to continue to grow and prosper and we want to make sure that our workers, customers and the arts sector in Wales can enjoy opportunities to use their Welsh. This can be in a work situation or by attending one of the thousands of arts events that we support each year.”

Aled Roberts, Welsh Language Commissioner 

“Today there are over 120 organisations operating the Welsh language standards, which means that the public have a right to use the language with them.  We are pleased that organisation such as the Arts Council of Wales has taken the opportunity today to promote Welsh language rights.  Let us now, as Welsh speakers and learners, make the most of our rights and chose the language.” 

This is the first year the national campaign takes place. The date was chosen to note the day on which the Welsh language legislation was passed by the National Assembly in 2010.